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Thanks for your interest in the TransNexus Partner Program. Click link to apply!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the TransNexus Partner Program. Below is a list of benefits to consider:

  • Highly competitive margins. Includes unique recurring revenue model and quick payout!
  • LEADS. Prequalified sales leads (not just names) from events, SEO, the press and more.
  • Inclusion in the reseller map and locator – so prospective buyers can find you quickly.
  • FREE Not For Resale (NFR) Account. Take the quiz and it’s yours. You get to use ClearIP internally to learn the service, demo to customer prospects and for your own use.
  • Deal Registration. Quick, easy approval, exclusive support and pricing–plus 10% extra margin for all registered deals.
  • Jump Start Margin. Earn extra margin for every registered deal within the first 90 days – covers your opportunity cost and then some.
  • Start at GOLD. Three levels to reward performance, but you start at gold so you get good margins immediately.
  • FREE product and market training–no cost or barriers to entry.
  • Market Development Funds (MDF). Pre-allocated budget and easy-to-apply form to help you with joint promotions.
  • Partner Conference. Invitation to the partner conference.
  • Online Webinars to help you sell. Weekly or one-on-one webinars–the company gives the cool demo… you close the deal (while you also learn the product).
  • Lots of sales tools–detailed competitive matrix, persuasive Power Points, market info, and more.
  • Special spiffs, promotions and recognition (we all like a little extra).

This is an ACTIVE partner program. You’re sure to love it!

Click HERE to view a detailed grid of the reseller partner program that also shows requirements by level. Please click to apply.




Feel free to call me with any questions–I’m happy to help.

Best regards,


Blake King
Channel Marketing Manager


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